inspiring movement

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Picture a typical gym with cardio equipment and weight machines. Now crumple up that picture and throw it in the trash. At Core Fit, we believe that any exercise worth doing is worth enjoying, too. That means less time mindlessly going through the motions and more time pushing your body to the limits in a fun and friendly setting.

We offer group exercises options with a variety of indoor and outdoor classes, catering to all levels of fitness and goals. Zumba Fitness for those who want to dance up a storm, Core Fit & Core Explode for those who want to make it rain and CF Stregth & Conditioning for those who want to bring the thunder.

With an electric atmosphere, world-class instructors, a pumping sound system and revolutionary heart rate tracking software, we don’t just keep things fresh but more importantly, keep it fun and guarantee results.

Welcome to a world where a massive workout doesn’t feel like work at all.