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Bringing so much more to your gym bag than your average athleisure brand, Corefit is the new go-to for high-end, yet affordable sportswear designed to empower, enhance, and entice.

Understanding the importance of the mind-body connection, our sculpting, on-trend designs ensure the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes while celebrating the beauty of each and every body.

Taking the work out of finding workout clothes, our flattering fits and high-performance products work in harmony with your body to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Designed to boost your confidence and enhance your performance without compromising on comfort and style, reaching your goals, and unlocking your full potential is at the CORE of what we do. So, from your downward dog to your dumbbell squats, we’ve got you. Because it’s not just about the clothes, it’s about bringing the best out of the person who wears them.


Corefit is the vision of Samah Fahs, a Dubai-born Lebanese fitness fanatic who embarked on her fitness journey after discovering the positive effect working out had on her mind and mood.

With a high-power career, a mother of two and big life changes, Samah became overwhelmed with life’s daily pressures. What started as a way to get some much needed “me time”, Samah’s gym sessions became an integral part of her life as she realized the positive impact her workouts had on her wellbeing and confidence. It’s your internal strength that gives you the power to work out and it’s the mental ability to overcome obstacles and challenges thrown your way. Finding that inner strength and believing in yourself is at the core of everything.

Her passion and mission is to empower others by giving them a reason (and an outfit) that makes them want to tap into their internal strength and become the best version of themselves. To make them feel good to their very CORE. “Corefit is about helping others gain the confidence that working out gave me. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally – it made me feel good on every level”.

Corefit is the belief that we can all be our best selves- and we can feel great and stylish while doing so.

  • We recognize the need for sportswear that boosts the body and the mind. For fabrics that make you feel good and give you the confidence to lift those weights and drop those squats.
  • Finding that mind-body balance is at the CORE of what we believe, and that isn’t possible without workout wear that you feel your best in. If you look and feel good on the inside, that’s reflected on the outside.
  • We launched during a global pandemic – at a time when mental health issues were real for so many of us, and when athleisure sales soared. But we don’t just want to be comfortable, we want to feel powerful, and through education, design, and technology – our garments help you be your best self.
  • We want to shatter the taboo surrounding mental health through initiatives and workshops that support our CORE values. By creating healthy habits and inspiring lifestyle changes that benefit both the body and the mind.

Combining the latest innovative, modern techniques with high-performance, sustainable and technical fabrics that stretch and support you no matter what life – or your workout – throws your way. Our collection is all about enhancing your workout and your wellness. Using an optimal blend of environmentally friendly super-soft fabrics that contour your curves, boast true-to-you fits, and that flex with each and every move, ensuring you feel and look amazing is at our very CORE.

We’re saying goodbye to heavy, thick, itchy fabrics that leave you feeling sweaty and sticky, and ushering in a new generation of workout wear that’s so soft, breathable, and lightweight you’ll never want to take it off. From the barre to brunch, studio to soirée, our easy care, easy to dry, and long-lasting garments and sensual, feminine designs accentuate your best bits whilst adding support and shape, so you feel confident to the core.

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